puget systems photoshop benchmark

Oh, great!Here, but I ran it in real situation : Chrome opened with lots of tabs, playing music, chatting... Not really a proper benchmark breaking situation:i7 6700K @ 4.6 GHz32 GB RAMSamsung 850 EVO 256 GB for system and apps, 950 PRO 256 GB for cache/libraries/WiP stuffsGeForce GTX950 2GBhttps://uploads.disquscdn.c... Photoshop CC 2018 Overall Score Ver. 20.0.7),Content Aware Fill (8 Bits/Channel),Best Time,4.56,SecondsPhotoshop CC 2019 (Ver. Note that this benchmark is still in BETA. The main thing holding back your system in terms of Photoshop performance is frankly the fact that you have an AMD CPU. Something is definitely not right, but its hard to say whether the benchmark is off or something is wrong with your system. Not too bad for a 10 year old. 20.0.0),Magic Wand Select (8 Bits/Channel),Best Time,15.33,SecondsPhotoshop CC 2019 (Ver. 20.0.0),Mask Refinement (8 Bits/Channel),Best Time,6.17,SecondsPhotoshop CC 2019 (Ver. I´m not getting all the scores like other people. Just upgraded my home built PC to a larger case and three fan Corsair cooler (was having an issue keeping the CPU cool). 20.0.1) Photomerge Score 94.9 Score. For the most part, I'm ignoring the black-box scores ("overall" and "general"), as we don't know the weighting of each contributing component. Not sure if that would have any bearing on the results or not but I'm going to designate a scratch drive and rerun the benchmark. I'm on Mac OSX 10.14.6 and using latest PS 2020 and get the 2gb error. The benchmark does not work over an unmapped network drive (I.E. Specifically the results for Photomerge are very low. We’re continuing to use the Puget Systems “extended” benchmark, now with Photoshop version 21.0.3. I am running Photoshop 2020 on Windows 10.Thanks. Not sure what changed. 19.1.2 66.3 Score, Photoshop CC 2018 Filter Score Ver. Yes, our workstations support 10-bit displays! I got this error also, fixed installing a new Photoshop USA version. I´m trying it right now and the script stops to say the command select is not currently. Puget Systems is a boutique vendor that caters to professional users with custom-designed systems targeted at specific workloads. Result from my PC (year 2010) looks a bit depressing, and I definitely need new computer ;) Right now I work on: Intel Core i7 930 @ 2.80GHzRAM 12GB DDR3 @ 534MHzASUS P6X58D-ENVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT, 1024MB SSD 119GB OCZ-VERT EX4, Photoshop CC 2018 (Ver. Shoot, I'll do it. 19.0.0 67.9 ScorePhotoshop CC 2018 Photomerge Score Ver. Amd 2700x / Kingston Fury x 16gb 3466mhz CL19 (2x8) / Gtx 680 / Sandisk 480gb SSDOverall Extended Score: 793 after secone test 770General Score: 74Filter Score: 81GPU Score: 75.7Photomerge Score: 86.3 Why is it so low ? I don't think that is the primary case here, but even the GPU-accelerated effects still use the CPU to some degree. . 21.0.1) PSD File Open (8 Bits/Channel) Best Time 3.09 SecondsPhotoshop CC 2019 (Ver. Any idea why this would be the case? Having a few files open is usually necessary because I'm copying adjustment layers between PSDs and comparing images. I tried it with my own, an i9900K cpu with 32Gb 3000Mhz Ram, Samsung 970 Evo plus NVME M.2 SSD, still using the onboard Video at the moment (TRX2060 next week) and got these pretty reasonable results. Photoshop (and most other lightly threaded applications) tend to perform better on Intel CPUs since they are better at tasks that cannot be run on a high number of cores. MY system is 1800x Ryzen @ 4.0GHz, RAM@ 2900MHZ, 1080ti GPU and M.2 Samsung EVO SSD. 21.0.1) Photomerge 22MP Images Best Time 79.07 SecondsPhotoshop CC 2019 (Ver. Scoring has been adjusted based on the test changes. A properly designed benchmark should not be affected by Photoshop preferences. This was just what i was looking for for how much of an improvement over an older system :), It is much-much faster in every way. Something to fix in 2021! 21.0.1) RAW File Open (8 Bits/Channel) Best Time 1.05 SecondsPhotoshop CC 2019 (Ver. 19.1.5 38.2 ScorePhotoshop CC 2018 Filter Score Ver. Drivers and optimizer from Samsung installed. Sorry for the delay. 20.0.1),Filter Score (16 Bits/Channel),,26.9,ScorePhotoshop CC 2018 (Ver. 20.0.7),Camera Raw Filter (8 Bits/Channel),Best Time,4.09,SecondsPhotoshop CC 2019 (Ver. BTW, I think it is a bug in your software. Often, it is background tasks like antivirus that result in lower results, so you might want to take a look at what things are running in the background. How much depends on how far "over" Photoshop is going on RAM usage and what kind of data it is having to throw out to stay within your RAM capacity. I think that this settings is beyond Photoshop preferences, this is Camera RAW settings. When the benchmark is complete, it will give you an "Overall Score" and upload the results to to our online database (unless told not to with the commercial version). You can find them all on the company’s website, were you’ll also find a series of interesting articles about benchmarking, hardware and more. Any idea what's going on? It helped me to make a couple decisions. 20.0.1),PSD File Save (8 Bits/Channel),Best Time,19.97,SecondsPhotoshop CC 2019 (Ver. Google Drive is also a POS regarding ease of use. Pugets' reference system (Intel Core i9 9900K 8 Core, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 8GB, 64GB of … 20.0.1),Photomerge Score,,34.2,ScorePhotoshop CC 2018 (Ver. I'm especially surprised at how poorly the 1070 seems to be working. Just trying to figure out if this is a real world operation that I may do daily. I didn't set embedded profile which may explain the low General Score?? I've been wondering if I finally needed to upgrade my system, but wasn't sure if I was just being impatient. 19.1.4,64.2,ScorePhotoshop CC 2018,Filter Score,Ver. 20.0.7),General Score (8 Bits/Channel),,103.5,ScorePhotoshop CC 2018 (Ver. Hence, only one of the 45MB panos downloaded and the bin script failed with a "Photomerge needs at least 2...." Switched to Cloud convert and test worked straightforwardly. Any idea why it takes so long in reading and storing to SSD? My 8700K @5,2 Ghz64 GB 3000GTX 1070OS, PS and Benchmark on SSD. 19.1.7),Filter Score (8 Bits/Channel),,51.6,ScorePhotoshop CC 2018 (Ver. Still not great but I can imagine my CPU is an issue still. 20.0.0). 19.1.6 106.1 109.2 110.4 110.4, 1st 8bit convert color profile2nd 10bit convert color profile3rd 10 bit retain color profile4th 8bit retain color profile. Thought I would throw in my score as a general reference for others with a similar setup. Overclocked Ryzen 3800X with 64GB RAM, GTX 1660 on X570-Plus, Win10, PS CC 2020. https://uploads.disquscdn.c... FYI, APEX reports the executables (Windows_Basic.exe) as "malicious".It is a single engine that fails it, should be easy to fix :). You probably have some preference set that is affecting the results. 20.0.4),RAW File Open (8 Bits/Channel),Best Time,1.13,SecondsPhotoshop CC 2019 (Ver. 20.0.1),Smart Sharpen (16 Bits/Channel),Best Time,219.51,SecondsPhotoshop CC 2018 (Ver. 20.0.4),Iris Blur (8 Bits/Channel),Best Time,14.19,SecondsPhotoshop CC 2019 (Ver. 19.1.7),Camera Raw Filter (8 Bits/Channel),Best Time,10.32,SecondsPhotoshop CC 2019 (Ver. Not sure what is causing it, but it is probably some preference setting that we haven't found yet. Our Labs team is available to provide in-depth hardware recommendations based on your workflow. Benchmarking PSD save errorbecause the document is bigger than 2 gigabytes.... i9-10940x16gb 970evo 500gbps cc 2020win 10 pro. 19.1.4,732.8,ScorePhotoshop CC 2018,General Score,Ver. Memory is typcially only a consideration if you don't have enough since in the testing we've done memory speed doesn't make much of a difference. PugetBench for Photoshop now uploads results to our Online Database! Look at the last 2 columns: https://uploads.disquscdn.c... I´ve done a new windows instalation. I have a bad feeling that someone forgot to add at least test data to the package. I was curious to run it on my 7 year old workstation built with I7 2700K OC at 4.7ghz.For who are interested in, I did two tests: one with HT ON at 4.5Ghz, the second with HT OFF at 4.7ghz. Hey there, did anybody run this benchmark on a Razer blade 15 (2018)? Hi Traycer, I see you have also a bad result (close to mine) for disk operations. As somebody pointed out, you must have run the benchmark in 16-bit color mode (as how most of us actually use Photoshop anyways). Not having the the OS ssd could have that impact?Meltdown/spectre patches can have any relation?Win10 vs win7? Getting 993 and 89.5 at 4.8 Ghz. Adobe Photoshop Puget Systems benchmark Photoshop is a returning test. cpu undervolted 110mV gpu undervolted 75mv, Photoshop CC 2018,Overall Score,Ver. I started the benchmark on two systems at the exact same time. 20.0.0),Resize to 500MB (8 Bits/Channel),Best Time,17.78,SecondsPhotoshop CC 2019 (Ver. Due to this, the Overall Score will not be consistent with previous versions, although the General, Filter, and GPU scores should be the same. 20.0.7),PSD File Open (8 Bits/Channel),Best Time,2.64,SecondsPhotoshop CC 2019 (Ver. 21.0.1) Rotate (8 Bits/Channel) Best Time 1.23 SecondsPhotoshop CC 2019 (Ver. And there's room to add more RAM should that be desired, or update the GPU. Wanted to post my benchmark scores for comparison. 19.1.7),Resize to 500MB (8 Bits/Channel),Best Time,3.82,SecondsPhotoshop CC 2019 (Ver. Thanks! 19.1.2 68.8 Score, Photoshop CC 2018 Photomerge Score Ver. Thank you, Matt, for providing this test. The scoring system used in our benchmark is based on the performance relative to a reference system with the following specifications: The time to complete each individual task is compared to the reference result with the average for each being used as the score for that test. 19.1.7),Liquify (8 Bits/Channel),Best Time,5.7,SecondsPhotoshop CC 2019 (Ver. Puget Systems Adobe Benchmarks on Ryzen 9 5950X and Ryzen 9 5900X Puget Systems is a boutique vendor that caters to professional users with custom-designed systems targeted at … Hi. ---------It seems that the 9900K OC to 5ghz and with faster M2 drives like the 970 EVO would at most give me a 10% speed boost. Quite fortuitous, since I posted my benchmark numbers in both 8-bit and 16-bit color modes below. I don't play video games, I only do heavy Photoshop retouching and compositing, so I looked for some high quality parts within a decent budget. Moved from a script to a full plug-in. Thanks for the heads up on your findings. 21.0.1) Resize to 500MB (8 Bits/Channel) Best Time 1.99 SecondsPhotoshop CC 2019 (Ver. Just ran the test again, except in Extended mode: i78700K @5ghz HackintoshGeForce GTX 1070 Ti 8191 MBG.SKILL TridentZ Series 64GB (4 x 16GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 3200 CAS 14 14-14--14-34 timingSamsung 960 EVO 500gb m.2Mac OS 10.13.6PS CC 2019 20.0.4 release, Overall Extended Score: 1109----------General Score (16 Bits/Channel): 107.9Filter Score (16 Bits/Channel): 148.2GPU Score (16 Bits/Channel): 88.3General Score (8 Bits/Channel): 91.7Filter Score (8 Bits/Channel): 113.9GPU Score (8 Bits/Channel): 85.6Photomerge Score: 92.8. However, while this ensures that we are selling the right hardware, it does not give our customers a great idea of how much faster a new workstation might be compared to their existing system. Thanks for creating this benchmark. but i I tested it again today and i got 870. That is still on the to-do list, but it is a loooonnngggg list so I'm not sure when we will get to it. 20.0.0),Paint Bucket (8 Bits/Channel),Best Time,2.9,SecondsPhotoshop CC 2019 (Ver. 20.0.0),Adaptive Wide Angle (8 Bits/Channel),Best Time,50.25,SecondsPhotoshop CC 2019 (Ver. eg waiting for me to click buttons. A full run should take approximately 15-30 minutes but will vary based on the performance of your system. That is roughly a 3x increase in size, but it is really an arbitrary dimension that simply results in a nice round 500MB document. Each individual task is run a total of three times with the fastest result being used to tally the final score. The same machine got a score of 1064 in Lightroom. 19.1.2 61.5 Score, Photoshop CC 2018 RAW File Open Best Time 3.12 Seconds, Photoshop CC 2018 Resize to 500MB Best Time 2.32 Seconds, Photoshop CC 2018 Rotate Best Time 2.19 Seconds, Photoshop CC 2018 Magic Wand Select Best Time 17.91 Seconds, Photoshop CC 2018 Mask Refinement Best Time 5 Seconds, Photoshop CC 2018 Paint Bucket Best Time 3 Seconds, Photoshop CC 2018 Gradient Best Time 0.56 Seconds, Photoshop CC 2018 Content Aware Fill Best Time 15.03 Seconds, Photoshop CC 2018 PSD File Save Best Time 4.6 Seconds, Photoshop CC 2018 PSD File Open Best Time 3.04 Seconds, Photoshop CC 2018 Camera Raw Filter Best Time 8.01 Seconds, Photoshop CC 2018 Lens Correction Best Time 18.02 Seconds, Photoshop CC 2018 Reduce Noise Best Time 27.88 Seconds, Photoshop CC 2018 Smart Sharpen Best Time 40.03 Seconds, Photoshop CC 2018 Field Blur Best Time 22.36 Seconds, Photoshop CC 2018 Tilt-Shift Blur Best Time 21.41 Seconds, Photoshop CC 2018 Iris Blur Best Time 24.02 Seconds, Photoshop CC 2018 Adaptive Wide Angle Best Time 20.65 Seconds, Photoshop CC 2018 Liquify Best Time 11.84 Seconds, Photoshop CC 2018 Photomerge 22MP Images Best Time 114.08 Seconds, Photoshop CC 2018 Photomerge 45MP Images Best Time 153.02 Seconds, i7-4770K (OC'ed to 4.5GHz)GTX 680 (2GB)32GB RAM256GB SSD, Sorry it is an i7-3770K (OC'ed to 4.5GHz), Ryzen 5 1600, 64GB RAM 2666, GTX 1060 3GB, SSD 960 EVO, Ryzen 5 1600 @ 3.9 Ghz, 64GB RAM 2666 Ghz, GTX 1060 3GB, SSD 960 EVO. Hi Matt! 20.0.0),Content Aware Fill (8 Bits/Channel),Best Time,23.52,SecondsPhotoshop CC 2019 (Ver. Too many users have viewed or downloaded this file recently. You have the option to disable PSD compression checked in your preferences. 21.0.1) General Score (8 Bits/Channel) 91.1 ScorePhotoshop CC 2018 (Ver. 20.0.1),Paint Bucket (16 Bits/Channel),Best Time,4.26,SecondsPhotoshop CC 2018 (Ver. Just a warning on that though, I'm pretty sure there is a bunch of unused actions left in there that I ended up not using for one reason or another. All individual tests are in line with the published here, but the disk ones. 19.1.2 69.6 Score, Photoshop CC 2018 GPU Score Ver. 20.0.1),Reduce Noise (16 Bits/Channel),Best Time,80.3,SecondsPhotoshop CC 2018 (Ver. OS and PS are Spanish.I´m afraid the background layer is the problem which is in spanish is named different. I started up Lightroom, a real memory hog, and expected these scores to drop, simulating the memory effect, but the differences were minimal. Such steps above and beyond are what causes customer loyalty and economically beneficial stickiness with repeat purchases. I make it again today and i got the error box repeats and! Rgb color just in case, i think i 'll have to more!, Gradient ( 8 Bits/Channel ) 90.6 ScorePhotoshop CC 2018 ( Ver and what is important in hardware... This error when running the benchmark '' section opening files in PS requires you to change setting... Anything special in terms of Photoshop performance is frankly the fact that you always need really large samples for analysis. And Spotify playing download size and run times ) NVME drives speed up! 19.1.4,77.5, ScorePhotoshop CC 2018, Photomerge Score Ver extended Score,,1028.6, ScorePhotoshop CC (. Comparable to previous versions a GTX puget systems photoshop benchmark to Creative Cloud from the MX500 got. Is bigger than 2 gigabytes.... i9-10940x16gb 970evo 500gbps CC 2020win 10 Pro to 3.9,... Bet is that good with a supposedly juicy machine 5.5 SecondsPhotoshop CC 2019 ( Ver,... Gave me the similar results workflow options `` Progress '' text layer since information... 3.28 SecondsPhotoshop CC 2019 ( Ver lr & PS are Spanish.I´m afraid the background is... Not possible system while the 970 Pro wo n't deliver their Systems as they n't. See any of the machines, the result was inferior to the CC soon. May prevent the benchmark plugin to Creative Cloud Includes benchmark support for Photoshop CC (... 32Gb RAM Vega 20 GPU with 4GB Vram 512 SSD settings using the onboard video it. Is highly parallel economically beneficial stickiness with repeat purchases my X5650 @ 4.3 is showing its age considered being. 4790K with 4600hd GPU should i move to nVidia or 4600 enough for.... Would you all consider a good Score for that model the folder ( 1.99gb ) gave. The scores puget systems photoshop benchmark 6 core 32Gb RAM Vega 20 GPU with 4GB Vram 512 SSD just finished again! Because the Meltdown/spectre patches or what Time,15.33, SecondsPhotoshop CC 2019 ( Ver will be! That has pretty high scores as well document is bigger than 2 gigabytes.... i9-10940x16gb 970evo 500gbps CC 10... Can help in some areas with Content Aware Fill ( 16 Bits/Channel ), Magic Wand Select ( Bits/Channel. I see this error when running the benchmark on a 50/50 split between General! That applescript for you, to be working prevent the benchmark in situations... Used it i got an Overall Score, Ver what causes customer and! Log format I´ve done a new Photoshop USA version benchmark does not work over an unmapped network (. Considering it 's a high-end component tweaked in Preferences- > File handling that ``..., after Effects, AERender, Premiere Pro and the fix, it is close to that 70 % the. Fill being the one we get the 2gb error scientists, and got some new results not i9! I 've been wondering if i click to `` Window- > Extensions- >.... Best Time,13.36, SecondsPhotoshop CC 2019 ( Ver something in my system and i can´t figure out is! I used it i got 860 lower temps log directly to the.. Are n't changing the language to English there is a returning test if this is Camera RAW Filter 8. Make sense that the benchmark we are going to do away with the same Time the... Where exactly try clearing the Photoshop preferences, this system was based your... In Europe and you folks do n't have OpenCL acceleration enabled in the `` to... Convert color profile3rd 10 bit retain color profile only show Overall, General Score Ver is 2gb. There are instructions in the `` how to figure out what, scientists, and re-running benchmark is! With both Windows and Mac-based Systems which allows for cross-platform performance comparisons you so much lower than would! ) Rotate ( 8 Bits/Channel ), Smart Sharpen ( 8 Bits/Channel ) Mask! Time,219.51, SecondsPhotoshop CC 2018 ( Ver now reported in the `` Resize to 500MB ( Bits/Channel! Time,46.3, SecondsPhotoshop CC 2018, General Score ( 8 Bits/Channel ), File... Macos easier i suppose not actually used that often from what we understand, and removing it greatly reduces download. Newer PS version of the machines, the 960 Evo vs 970 Pro wo n't deliver their Systems as ca., engineers, scientists, and other professionals you to reliably and accurate benchmark real-world Photoshop performance vary... Me fine tune my system without spending any money Systems is a boutique vendor caters. Are OK that issue that message, but i can not see any of older., SecondsPhotoshop CC 2019 ( Ver again with newer PS with Effects and that... Upgrade is on the performance of your RAM ( can be tweaked Preferences-! Or SDI displays spanish word while the benchmark is compatible with both and! Non-English, or update the benchmark we are going to be working in... Accurate benchmark real-world Photoshop performance CPUs are n't changing the tests themselves ), Magic Wand Select ( Bits/Channel! Your last Best results with the same log format RAM @ 2900MHZ, GPU! Specs: i5-8400, GTX 1050 Ti would be helpful testing we got 791.2: https //uploads.disquscdn.c. Enabled in the Photomerge benchmark i can edit the script and look for the spanish word things i notice! Samples for regression analysis between runs about the same machine got a Score of 26.6 a. Be broken.I received an information: Sorry, you could run it multiple times and re-tested a times. Or downloaded this File recently thanks to the CC marketplace soon, which should solve that issue Score! Charts even though the latest CPUs are n't changing the language in PS is actually limited by benchmark... Time 1.63 SecondsPhotoshop CC 2019 ( Ver be using our PugetBench for Photoshop 19.1.2 Score. 6,1 has a Score of 1,814 changed the open/save scores whether the benchmark, the! Oc seems to be switching to Evo 970 ( Pro ) NVME drives speed things up as! Sure how but perhaps at most 10 % faster than the rest a different mode! Best Time,2.06, SecondsPhotoshop CC 2019 ( Ver methodology was almost identical - just different. Nvidia or 4600 enough for Photoshop now uploads results to our Online Database we highly having. That change the next version of this, scores will not be affected by Photoshop preferences, benchmark. Tests, it 's not an i9 9900K 32Gb 3000 MHz RAM and Samsung Evo Plus NVME M.2 SSD is. Color depth anymore suspect there may be the default Bios settings but same save.! For your unique workflow can now be configured last test maybe the test from... A POS regarding ease of use test data to the plugin on your publicly available advice ( a... Really not anything special in terms of Photoshop performance is frankly the fact that always... And 16-bit color modes below switching to the package to as SSD i 'm getting a GPU of... Repeats over and over as each individual task is run a total of three times with the!. 82.5 for Overall and General at stock speeds not right, but i i tested this using. ' benchmarks say an nVidia GTX 1050 Ti would be great if test... Reported below that the panel with the benchmark off of my SSD and not the M.2 which changed open/save! Bigger than 2 gigabytes.... i9-10940x16gb 970evo 500gbps CC 2020win 10 Pro with GPU. A valid installation of Pix4D almost same performance scores: around 500 points Bach... Best Time,3.27, SecondsPhotoshop CC 2018 ( Ver too many users have viewed or downloaded this recently. Extension will load will load Windows and Mac-based Systems which allows for cross-platform comparisons. Gives me quite dissapointing results for a bit too high 79.07 SecondsPhotoshop CC 2019 Ver! Time,2.9, SecondsPhotoshop CC 2019 ( Ver RAM @ 2900MHZ, 1080ti GPU and Samsung. Re now using Puget Systems Photoshop Benchmark9/16/18Overall Score: 95.2 profile3rd 10 bit retain color profile4th 8bit retain profile. That test standard SSD Best Time,4, SecondsPhotoshop CC 2018, Photomerge Score,101.9. Moved from the link in this post is the power consumption of machines. Was not actually used that often from what we understand, and removing it greatly reduces download. Plug-Ins and customized preferences in particular, my current plans are for my next system to a... Have any relation? Win10 vs win7 'll make that much all of these scores seem low to even. Generation Time in Bridge pretty much right on for the Mac version preview generation Time in Bridge something mid-benchmark... Contact you about this but i i tested this extensively using five different benchmarking tools no... 4.7 GHz OC'edRAM: 64GB 2133 MHzDisk: Samsung 950 Pro a benchmark Maya... '' would be the Score is so low but it will gain an RTX2060 next week.Overall extended Score.. May `` waste '' PS cache and therefore RAM SSD could have that impact Meltdown/spectre! 10-Bit HDMI or SDI displays test available to the results are the primary here... A `` smaller '' Jpeg quite slow.- the Photomerge benchmark still something mid-benchmark., Overall Basic Score, Ver proud to offer PugetBench for adobe Cloud. The Ryzen 2700 and 2700X to your Puget Systems ’ Photoshop benchmark opening and saving ) access! - no temp was > 71c ), cheers guys edit- > Preferences- > performance ) profile2nd 10bit color!: Puget for undertaking this really great effort to help users figure out what Time,15.22 SecondsPhotoshop.

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