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Kittiwake is well worth the dive. If you said the Kittiwake, you are correct! Even snorkelers can see the vessel from above. Divers from the Kittiwake recovered the black box from the space … Copy link Cayman's top requested dive site, this is a 251ft US Navy submarine rescue ship. 6. The first ship in the Navy to bear the name, the USS KITTIWAKE was one of the CHANTICLEER - class Submarine Rescue Ships. I will definitely go back and I want to spend a lot more time exploring the USS Kittiwake. And this time we were lucky in being joined by two hawksbill sea turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata) friends! Kittiwake Shipwreck Scuba Dive Dive the latest and most exciting attraction in Grand Cayman - the former USS Kittiwake!She is now 64-feet under the crystal waters off the North West point of Seven Mile Beach and makes for one of the best Adventure Scuba Dives in Grand Cayman. All rights reserved. Much more can be learned about this wreck at Discover the Cayman Islands #1 requested dive, the USS Kittiwake, sunk January 5, 2011. It's like our fair Malta's P29, but shallower and in much clearer water.The USS Kittiwake was sunk as an artificial reef in 2011. Now it will join the MV Captain Keith Tibbets, a Russian Frigate sunk off the coast of Cayman Brac in 1996, as one of the greatest artificial reefs in the Caribbean. Following 50 years of active service in the US navy as a submarine support vessel, the Kittiwake was sunk near Seven Mile Beach to make an artificial reef and playground for divers. It's unusual because there is almost no silt. From the first phone call to discuss our vacation to the personalized service he and his staff provide on the boat, you feel like family. Liveaboards to the Ex-USS Kittiwake will take divers to one of the most sought-after dive sites in the Cayman Islands.Lying in shallow crystalline waters off Grand Cayman's Seven Mile Beach, the wreck of the Ex-USS Kittiwake - a former US submarine rescue ship is now a thriving artificial reef.. In fact, its one of a few handful of US military ships transferred to a foreign country for an artificial reef program. Over 250 foot long and sitting in only 60 foot of water, the Kittiwake is a truly spectacular dive. The USS Kittiwake snorkeling dive site is located south of the Turtle Reef dive site at the northern end of Seven Mile Beach. This makes the wreck great for the first time wreck diver or one who wishes to take part in a “wreck specialty” course. Diving the USS Kittiwake wreck is a spectacular experience as the wreck has managed to remain pretty much intact. Anniversary of the sinking of the lovely lady USS Kittiwake, we will be paying her a visit tomorrow night at 5.15pm There'll be barnacle cake all round and sea shanties sang in her honour. Several of the better snorkeling spots are nearby USS Kittiwake including Cemetery Reef and Marriott Beach. The main role of the USS-Kittiwake was to rescue sailors from submarines. We were again joined by our friend Meng, who snorkelled during the free dive then joined us for SCUBA.The Ex USS Kittiwake is, as usual, an awesome dive. Incredible wreck free-dive over the Kittiwake. This impressive 251' ship was a fully equipped diver support vessel designed to assist submarines in distress. We had an amazing two weeks of diving with Off the Wall Divers in July. First off, it's not a "wreck" but was sunk on purpose (in Jan 2011) to create an artificial reef. USS KITTIWAKE DIVE REVIEW – FINAL VERDICT. Divers with Wreck Diver Specialty certification may dive the wreck with a buddy after a supervised orientation dive. Grand Cayman Snorkeling. Her title was transferred in November 2008 for an undisclosed amount to the government of the Cayman Islands for the purpose of using Kittiwake to form a new artificial reef. 5. Scuba diving on the USS Kittiwake Wreck is a must when you are diving in the Cayman Islands.The former World War II ship was bought by the Cayman Islands government in 2010 and sunk in Grand Cayman for scuba divers to enjoy. Kittiwake was decommissioned on 30 September 1994 and struck from the Naval Vessel Register on the same day. of the surface. Discover Grand Cayman's most requested dive, the USS Kittiwake. The USS Kittiwake served for 50 years as a submarine support and rescue vessel. What to Expect on a Ex-USS Kittiwake Liveaboard. She says choosing the USS Kittiwake was the easy part of her eight-year effort. Whether you are a recreational or beginning diver to an experienced wreck diver, diving the USS Kittiwake offers a wonderful scuba diving adventure.

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